Bluebird House Project

    Bluebird House Project
    Mrs. Betsy Brown and her pre-k class are up to something fun. Check out this fabulous live science lesson. 

    My class has been doing an Eastern Bluebird Project and partnering with people from Ole Miss.

    The last picture is showing Mr. Larry Brown who cut the wood for our bluebird houses.  He is showing the students the pieces of the birdhouses and how we will put it together.

    On February 11th we built 6 Eastern Bluebird houses in my classroom.  We got to watch as one birdhouse was installed.  We took our science journals outside and drew birdhouses in them.  We will continue to draw more pictures in our journal as we monitor our progress. 

    On February 25th we made bird feeders with toilet paper rolls, peanut butter, and birdseed.

    On March 11th we cut yarn to put in nesting boxes for the blue birds to use to make nests.  We went outside that day and put straw under each birdhouse and hung the nesting boxes and bird feeders.  The students loved being a part of each process.  We illustrated our activities for the day in our science journals. 

    Every Friday an Ole Miss student comes and shows pictures and videos of each house. On March 11th we had 2 birdhouses that had nests in them.

    On March 25th we still have two bluebird houses that have nests but now one of them has 5 Eastern bluebird eggs! We were so excited and can’t wait to watch them hatch and start to fly. The other 4 houses don’t have anything in them yet but we are hopeful.