Enrollment of Students

I. General Eligibility
This school district shall admit into its free public schools all eligible residents and legally transferred minor children who are over five and not over 20 years of age on September 1 of the school year.

II. Transferring Students
1. No student is to be enrolled in this school district until any and all questions regarding residence or

immunizations have been resolved.
2. In the event that any student, even though legally transferred and/or entitled to attend, who is under suspension or

expulsion from another school district should seek enrollment, the Lafayette County School District Board shall require a written report from the suspending or expelling school district and review the case under which the student was suspended or before a hearing officer appointed by the Lafayette County School Board; and if they should find that the reason for the student’s suspension or expulsion was for sufficient and good cause, then the Lafayette County School Board may refuse to enroll the student.


  • ●  Birth Certificate

  • ●  Mississippi Immunization Form #121  

  • ●  Verification of student’s grade level - report card/withdrawal information from previous school

  • ●  Two (2) types of verification (listed below) that the student’s parent or legal guardian lives in the Lafayette

Student Transfers/ Transfer of Records

Lafayette County Schools will forward the educational records of a student to another public school in which the student seeks or intends to enroll upon written request from said school. Lafayette County Schools will provide, upon request, a copy of said student's educational records to the parents for their review. Also, upon request from the parent, the parent may request a hearing to challenge the content of the records in question. This applies until the student reaches the age of 18. At this time, the student assumes the responsibility of his/her records.